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Mask Tips

"COVID-19 Rap" is by far my favorite radio ad that I have made. It was made to address mask-wearing and encouraging people to stay safe in the pandemic even though COVID-19 numbers are going down in California. Much of the COVID-19 messaging today sounds the same, which is what makes this my favorite radio ad. It approaches the topic in a fresh and creative way that people will remember. For this spot, I was in charge of writing the rap, creating the beat, casting, and working with the talent and engineer in the studio on executing my vision. 

COVID 19 Rap Artist Name
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"Kickback online with close friends" was the first statewide advertising campaign I worked on. I was in charge of writing copy, concepting, and developing print, digital, and radio advertisements for the campaign. The goal of this project was to introduce advertising directed towards younger audiences, advising them to be safe during the Halloween season. 

SHF Halloween RadioDylan Kemp
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COVID-19 Safety

The radio advertisement above was created as a part of the Sierra Health Foundation's Stop The Surge campaign. Much like the Halloween campaign, this advertisement was directed towards a younger audience, advising them to stay safe this coming holiday season to stop the surge of COVID-19 cases across the state. I was in charge of writing the copy, concepting, and developing this radio ad. 

SHF COVID-19 SafetyDylan Kemp
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